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​Ashleigh is an American Actress, Voiceover Artist, and Singer. She has trained in both the USA and the UK, and earned her Master's Degree in Acting for Stage, Screen & Radio from one of the highest-ranking theatre schools in the world, the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. She is currently based in the UK.

Recent News

Ashleigh narrates the deliciously dark, witty thriller YELLOWFACE in a new abridged production now streaming on BBC Sounds.

Hear Ashleigh as the snarky Corporal Hunslet, and additional voices in the highly anticipated video game ALIENS: DARK DESCENT, out now!


Ashleigh returned to the New York Times Bestselling Audible cast of Neil Gaiman's THE SANDMAN: ACT III, as the goddess Ishtar, and the insatiable Bacchante.


Ashleigh co-stars in a new Limelight radio drama series, GALAPAGOS for BBC Radio 4, available to stream now on BBC Sounds.

Upcoming Projects

Songs of Silence, the new story-rich strategy game by Chimera Entertainment, will star Ashleigh as Lorelai of Ehrengard. Now available to wishlist on Steam.


Ashleigh has SIX upcoming video games due to be released throughout the year! Stay tuned...

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Animation VO Reel

Showing off a wide breadth of expressive character voices for cartoons, video games, and other animated features...


Recording for Audible's epic audiobook productions of Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN: ACT II (2021) and ACT III (2022), with director/producer Dirk Maggs

Audible Productions
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