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​Ashleigh is an American Actress, Voiceover Artist, and Singer. She has trained in both the USA and the UK, and earned her Master's Degree in Acting for Stage, Screen & Radio from one of the highest-ranking theatre schools in the world, the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, where she now teaches as well. She is currently based in the UK, and is a proud member of BAFTA and Equity.

Recent News

PAYDAY 3 has been released, and you'll hear Ash in the Syntax Error DLC mission as the elusive droid-piloting enemy, Techie.

PHANTOM BLADE: EXECUTIONERS is now OUT! Featuring Ashleigh as multiple characters, including the powerful Inanis.....

Ash narrates the deliciously witty thriller YELLOWFACE in a new production now streaming on BBC Sounds.

Hear Ash as the snarky, sharp-shooting Corporal Hunslet in the highly anticipated and award-nominated video game ALIENS: DARK DESCENT.

Upcoming Projects

SONGS OF SILENCE, the new story-rich strategy game by Chimera Entertainment, will star Ashleigh as Lorelai of Ehrengard. Watch her interview with the game devs here!


Animation VO Reel

Showing off a wide breadth of expressive character voices for cartoons, video games, and other animated features...


Recording for Audible's epic audiobook productions of Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN: ACT II (2021) and ACT III (2022), with director/producer Dirk Maggs

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